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11 Oct, 2021

How We Deliver On Integrity and Assurance

Enjoy the process of finding a solar energy solution for your home without overload, without stress and without pressure. We tailor design your solar solution to be installed with manufacturing and wo ...

6 Oct, 2021

How To Choose A Right Solar Provider That Won't Risk Your System

Don’t let faulty electrical work risk the potential of your system, as it can damage your panels, inverter and potentially cause a fire… Don’t rely on workmanship warranty to cover ...

27 Sep, 2021

How We Guarantee To Offer You The Right Products

Choosing a reputable solar installer like Tiger Solar Solutions means you will be able to guide you through a product range that meets your household’s demand that is also backed by extensive p ...

20 Sep, 2021

Our Process To Slashing Your Energy Bills

Want to know more about how we offer a cost-effective, streamlined, easy and fast solution to saving on your power bills… We tailor your solar solution by mapping your energy bills over the co ...

15 Sep, 2021

What You Need To Know About Cleaning & Maintaining Your Solar Panels

If you have had your solar system expertly designed and installed, then there is very little you need to do to take care of it… Only minimal maintenance is required on your panels to ensure th ...

6 Sep, 2021

Why it's So Important You Choose An Installer With CEC Accredited Electricians

We understand solar is a huge investment and it’s important you’re well taken care of from consultation to installation, that’s why we have equipped ourselves with an in-house team o ...

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